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A Tour in the Construction Sites of Yerevan-Artashat Highway


At the session of the RA Government, Mr. Karen Karapetyan, Prime Minister of Armenia, instructed the Minister of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of Armenia to ensure supervision over the underway construction of the infrastructures adjacent to the Yerevan-Artashat road sector of the “North-South Road Corridor Investment” Program in order to speed it up and provide a high-quality completion.


Per Prime-Minister’s instruction Mr. Artur Arakelyan, First Deputy Minister of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of Armenia, visited the construction sites of the different road sectors where the construction and improvement works of the overpasses and bridges are ongoing. 




The tour was followed by an outgoing consultation which was attended by the constructors, organizations carrying out technical supervision, responsible officials from the Ministry. 



Mr. Artur Arakelyan clarified the specifications of the Program due to which the construction of the overpasses and bridges was launched after the road was put into operation. 


 “There is a lot of public criticism that the road was closed again after being put into operation and we again had to cause inconveniences to our citizens. But there are objective reasons for that. The problem is that at the beginning of the Program only the road sector was intended to be constructed because of the shortage in the funding. Later, the tenders and the further management of the contract resulted in some savings of the funds from those for Tranche 1, which gave an opportunity to also design and construct 10 overpasses and bridges in addition to the core project with the corresponding reallocations and the Government’s permission taking into consideration the inclination of residents of the settlements mostly along the road”,-Mr. Artur Arakelyan detailed.



As for the rhythm of the construction works, the First Deputy Minister assured that the construction was moving forward naturally. He clarified that according to the design precalculated documents elaborated by the urban development norms the duration for the construction of those infrastructures had been defined as around 2 years. The construction of the overpasses and bridges was launched in September of 2016. And according to the Ministry’s supervisory indicators the two-sided traffic on the road will be restored in the months of May and June of this year if there are no insurmountable hindrances.


“All the remaining works on the asphalting and improvement of the bridges, overpasses will continue with the opened traffic. The works are expected to be fully completed earlier than the deadline anticipated by the Program, but I assure you that this will not affect the quality in any way”,-Mr. Artur Arakelyan mentioned. 


 The design technology of the implemented construction requires the production of some bridge parts in other factories. Only after that they are moved and installed. Therefore, there is no amountable labor force or machinery in the construction areas at certain periods.



 “The works are moving on taking into consideration the technological processes and weather conditions”,-the First Deputy Minister mentioned. 


During the visit there was also reference to the photo uploaded on social networks which was related to the bent beam of one of the overpasses under reconstruction. It was mentioned that the beams installed on the bridge constructions were made in factory conditions; a technical problem was encountered during the implementation of the works. The case was recorded on spot, the beam was recognized unfit for further use, immediately removed from the construction area and replaced by a new one the following day.

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