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North-South Road Corridor crosses the territory of Armenia from the South to the North including Agarak-Kapan-Yerevan-Gyumri-Bavra highways and road infrastructures and is linked to the Georgian road network leading to Poti and Batumi ports.
The road corridor will facilitate improving the road connection with the two neighbors of Armenia: Iran and Georgia, providing access to international trade routes and markets. Agarak-Kapan-Yerevan-Gyumri-Bavra road links the South of the country with the North providing access to "Southern Road Corridor” of Georgia which enables access to Poti and Batumi ports or to the East towards Tbilisi. 
"North-South Road Corridor Investment Program” is implemented under Multi-Tranche Financing Facility. It is subdivided into separate Tranches with separate Loan Agreements.
Breakdown of the road sections included in the Program, according to tranches:
Tranche 1 - Yerevan-Ashtarak 11,4km and Yerevan-Artashat 19,6km - total 31 km /details on Tranche1/
Tranche 2 - Ashtarak-Talin - 42 km /details on Tranche2/
Tranche 3 - Talin-Lanjik 18,7 km and Lnajik-Gyumri 27,5 km - total 46,2km /details on Tranche3/
Tranche 4 - Artashat-Qajaran - 304 km and Qajaran-Agarak 42 km - total 346km /details on Tranche 4/
Tranche 5 - Gyumri bypass and Gyumri-Bavra 62 km /details on Tranche 5/.
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