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North-South Road Corridor Program

North-South Road Corridor is 556 km long highway with implementation period from 2009-2019. Its design envisages concrete pavement 4-lane express highway with 100 km/h speed.

Framework Financing Agreement

Framework financing agreement was signed between the RA Government and Asian Development Bank on 15 September 2010, stipulating ADB commitment to finance the Project in the amount of USD 500 million.

Tranche 1

Tranche 1 includes the rehabilitation and construction of Yerevan-Ashtarak 11,4 km and Yerevan-Artashat 19,6 km road sections. Constructor company is “Corsan-Corviam Construccion S. A.”, Spain, PMU/Engineer is the consortium of Safege and Eptisa companies, France. On 29.12.15 the two-way traffic was announced open.

Tranche 2

Tranche 2 includes the rehabilitation and construction of Ashtarak-Talin 41,3 km section and widening of the existing 2-lane road up to 4-lane. Constructor company is “Corsan-Corviam Construccion S. A.”, Spain, PMU/Engineer is the consortium of Safege and Eptisa companies, France.

Tranche 3

Tranche 3 has two sections – Talin-Lanjik 18,7 km financed by ADB and Lanjik-Gyumri 27,5 km financed by European Investment Bank. Constructor company is “Sinohydro Corporation Limited”, China. Engineering company is SPEA Ingegneria Europea and IRD Engineering JV, Italy.

Tranche 4

Two sections of Tranche 4 are in the design stage. Artashat-Qajaran section, with the length of 304 km (financed by Asian Development Bank) and Qajarak-Agarak section, with the length of 42 km (financed by Eurasian Development Bank). Designing company is SPEA Ingegneria Europea and IRD Engineering JV, Italy.



Tranche 5

Tranche 5 envisages the construction of Gyumri by-pass and Gyumri-Bavra 63 km section (financed by European Investment Bank). Feasibility studies are being done in the frames of Tranche 5.


North-South RoadCorridor Investment Program includes Agarak-Kapan-Yerevan-Gyumri-Bavra highways and road infrastructures. Expected results of Project implementation are efficient, safe and sustainable transport networks.

In the framework of Project implementation, Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plans is being realized in compliance with RA acting laws and legislative acts, ADB Involuntary Resettlement Policy and Land Acquisition and Resettlement Framework.

During the Project Implementation Environmental Impact Assessment is made for each stage and structure in compliance with the RA acting laws and ADB Environmental Policy.


"North-South Road Corridor Investment Program" is a major infrastructure project which aims at connecting the Southern border of the country with its Northern point by means of 556 km-long Meghri- Yerevan - Bavra highway. The construction of this highly important strategic road will ensure easier traffic from the Southern border of Armenia to the Georgian border and up to Black Sea ports and will allow passenger and cargo transportation in accordance with European standards. The highway will also provide serious development opportunities for all communities from the North to the South of Armenia.


Contracts have been signed with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), European Investment Bank (EIB) and Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) for the implementation of the Project. The estimated cost of the Project is 1,5 billion USD. The Project is divided into 5 Tranches. Negotiations are conducted for involvement of other donors for the construction of northern and southern parts of the corridor.


Project implementation will result in the following outcomes:


  • Improved road corridor in compliance with international standards;
  • Four-lane Category 1 road on Yerevan-Gyumri and Yerevan-Ararat sections;
  • Other road sections meeting international standards with the possibility to be widened up to four-lane road in the future;
  • Efficient and safe road corridor traffic management.


North-South Road Corridor:


 - Provides access to the Black Sea through the territory of Armenia and Georgia and then to European countries;

- Crossing the territory of Armenia from the South to the North (Meghri – Yerevan – Ashtarak – Gyumri - Bavra) the corridor connects to the Georgian road leading to Poti and Batumi ports;

- The implementation of the Project results in improving Europe - Caucasus – Asia road communication at the intersection of West Asia and East Europe.


Project objectives: facilitating communication with neighboring countries; expanding and facilitating access to foreign market towards Central Asia and Europe; developing major economic spheres and export expansion (industry, agriculture, mining industry, construction, tourism) etc.


Main Goals: improving safety and comfort, reducing time and financial costs, integrating possible necessary telecommunication and other infrastructures.


The project is implemented in the context of the following RA Government projects: "Reconstruction of Gyumri techno city", "Tatev tourist center", "Development of Jermuk town" and "Zvartnots free economic zone". The implementation of North-South Road Corridor will

significantly contribute to the efficiency of the mentioned projects and to the achievement of program goals.


The Project is implemented by multi-tranche financing. It is subdivided into Tranches and separate loan agreements are signed in the framework of each Tranche.

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