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Civil Works on Ashtarak-Talin Road Section are Underway


Construction works on different sections of North-South highway are in progress. In particular, on Ashtarak-Talin road (Tranche 2, total length 42km) various types of earth works are being done. On 61st , 63rd and 64th kilometers of Yerevan-Gyumri highway – in Davtashen, Katnaghbyur and Ashnak communities – where a new 15 km-long bypass section is being constructed with a completely new alignment, excavators, tippers and bulldozers are working.




In some sections rock mining works are carried out. Then the extracted rock is being crashed and taken to another section, where it is used as road base filling.




The concrete lining works which commenced last year on Ashtarak-Talin road, will resume in April, when the weather conditions become more stable and favorable.

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