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Tranche 2

Tranche 2 (Ashtarak – Talin) total length is around 42 km

Tranche 2 Loan Agreement was signed on 30 May 2011.

The consultant realizing design works is "Egis International" French company.

The contractor is "Corsan-Corviam Construccion S.A." Spanish company.

The Program Management and Technical Supervision Consultant is a joint venture of French "SAFEGE" and Spanish "EPTISA" companies.

The construction cost for Tranche 2 is USD 179,6 million, taxes included. Credit funds provided by - Asian Development Bank.


Description of works under Tranche 2.

1. Ashtarak - Talin reconstruction of 42 km road section and widening of the existing 2-lanes up to 4-lanes.
2. Consultancy services and project management including survey preparation, as well as development of detailed designs, plans, construction supervision for further tranches financed in the framework of the Investment Program; preparation of bidding documents and capacity building.

  Ashtarak - Talin
Total length 42 km, where:
new alignment is envisaged for 15.32 km section, and works for widening of the existing 2-lane road up to 4-lane road will be implemented for 26.58 km section and construction of parallel carriageway
Pavement width 26.4 m
Major works - widening of the existing 2-lane road up to 4-lane road from km29+600 to km71+500;
- reconstruction of 9 interchanges, 3 of which are overpasses and 6 are underpasses;
- construction of 15 T-junctions providing access to local roads/communities;
- reinforced concrete structures are: 18 agricultural crossings, 10 of which are for machinery and 8 are for pedestrians and 124 for drainage and water supply.
Pavement The pavement will comprise 18 cm of natural gravel layer, 15 cm of sand-gravel sub-base, 18 cm of crushed stone base and 26 cm of concrete pavement.
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