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Tranche 1

 Tranche 1 (Yerevan – Ashtarak 11,4km, Yerevan – Artashat 19,6km) total length is around 31 km 

Tranche 1 Loan Agreement was signed on 12 October, 2009.

The consultant realizing design works is "Egis International" French company.

The contractor is "Corsan-Corviam Construccion S.A." Spanish company.
The Program Management and Technical Supervision Consultant is a joint venture of French "SAFEGE" and Spanish "EPTISA" companies.

The construction cost for Tranche 1 is USD 70,4 million, taxes included. Credit funds provided by - Asian Development Bank.

Description of works under Tranche 1.

1. Yerevan – Ashtarak 11,4 km section: was dismantled and road structure and road bed was renovated.

2. Yerevan-Ararat 38,1 km section: its Yerevan-Artashat subsection was reconstructed and Artashat- Ararat 19,6 km subsection comprised upgrading of road safety including traffic and directional signs, guide pillars, barriers, road marking, etc.

The works were implemented within the existing road bed without additional land acquisition and resettlement.
  1. Yerevan – Ashtarak 2. Yerevan - Artashat
Total length 11.4 km 19.6 km
Width of 4-lane pavement 20.4 m 29.7 m
Major works Dismantling of the existing asphalt pavement, rehabilitation of sub-base, concrete pavement laying (h=26 cm), reconstruction of existing engineering structures Milling of about 3 cm of the existing asphalt, concrete pavement laying (h=24 cm), construction of drainage system, upgrading of road safety including installation of traffic signs
Reconstruction of ramps of - Yeghvard – Ashtarak
- Mughni – Vanadzor
- Parpi
- Byurakan
- Masis
- Mkhchyan
- Dimitrov
- Artashat
Other works Upgrading of lighting on main sections and at overpasses Upgrading of lighting on main sections and at overpasses
3. On Artashat-Ararat section road safety measures were improved including road marking and installation of traffic signs.

Take-over of the road sections to the Client, Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of the Republic of Armenia, took place in June 2016.


As to major civil works carried out in some sections of Tranche 1 after take-over, these works are implemented within the framework of “Reconstruction/Construction/Rehabilitation Project of 9 Overpasses and 1 Bridge of M2 Yerevan-Artashat and M1 Yerevan-Ashtarak road sections” launched in June 2016, under which the existing 9 overpasses at M2 Yerevan-Artashat road section are under reconstruction, as well as 2 new overpasses are being constructed in the territory of Marmarashen and Burastan communities. Under the scope of the same Project, 1 overpass and 1 bridge are under rehabilitation at Yerevan-Ashtarak road section. The mentioned works were foreseen by Tranche 3 Procurement Plan of North-South Road Corridor Investment Program and are financed from respective cost savings.   

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